Update Your Site Scripts

If you use wordpress, there is a very important wordpress update that you need to install.
You can do this automatically through your wordpress administration, simply log in and click on the update link that is at the top. WordPress will update your script automatically, be sure to also update any plugins that you currently use within your wordpress.

All other script users please be sure to update your scripts regularly, this ensures that your site remains safe from malicious users.

We recommend that you check on your sites at least once a month.

We do offer managed hosting services for those of you who wish to not have to update any scripts that you use.

Our managed hosting starts at only 25.00 per month and includes, hosting cost, one monthly update and hard copy per month, reinstall of your site if needed free of charge.
If you are interested in our basic managed hosting service or in learning about your other managed hosting services please contact us via our contact form online or feel free to call us at:
270-866-5413 or 270-866-8779

Thank you for continuing to grow with us; if you’re successful, we’re successful!

Ellen, Richard, Michael & the 1ShotHost Team